About the Group

The American Bus Benchmarking Group (ABBG) was established on April 1, 2011 to provide a confidential forum for mid-sized bus organizations in America to learn from each other by comparing performance, sharing experiences, and identifying best practices.

Benchmarking is defined as: A systematic process of continuously measuring, comparing and understanding organizations’ performance and changes in performance of a diversity of key business processes against comparable peers to gain information which will help the participating organizations to improve their performance.

The objectives of the American Bus Benchmarking Group are:

  • To develop a concise, well-balanced and comparable Key Performance Indicator system for performance measurement for use by American bus agencies that will: determine strengths and weaknesses, prioritize areas for improvement and support dialogue with stakeholders (e.g. senior management, board, government)
  • To provide benefits to all members by understanding the reasons for performance levels and trends and by identifying best practices.
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best or otherwise interesting practices in a confidential environment.
  • To establish an ongoing benchmarking process that considers the financial and labor resources available to participating mid-sized agencies.

Cooperation, independence, speed, depth and confidentiality are the guiding principles of the group and are central to its success.

The group is administered and facilitated by the  Transport Strategy Centre (TSC) at Imperial College London, a world leader in public transport benchmarking.  The TSC was set up in 1992 as a center of excellence serving the transport industry on strategic, technology, economic and policy issues and as a research and teaching unit within the Centre for Transport Studies.

The American Bus Benchmarking Group builds upon the years of experience in the CoMET and Nova metro benchmarking groups and the International Bus Benchmarking Group facilitated by TSC since 1994 and 2004 respectively.